Addiction “A Full Time Job”

Addiction “A Full Time Job”

Addiction “A Full Time Job”

The early hours of the morning…the late hours of night.

Always meeting people here and there, all day and everyday.

Needing to work on a plan of getting your next fix while you are in the middle of getting the present fix.

Your phone blowing up constantly, at all hours of the day.

Always plotting and planning new ways to get money, no matter how crazy the idea sounds.

Think about it…your mind is always working, planning, plotting, and scheming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in your addiction.  Addiction is a full time job, it’s hard, exhausting, taking all your time.  Ever here the saying, “you are the job?”- you are the addiction.  On top of addiction being a full time job, it even makes you work over time for a five minute successful fix.

Is the over time worth it?  Is working all these crazy shifts worth your time and your life?

While working at Teen Challenge I have heard so many addicts say, “getting clean is too hard,” “it’s impossible for me, I can’t do it,” “I don’t have the strength or motivation,” “recovery is no joke, it’s so hard,” “it takes TOO MUCH WORK.”

What do you think I’m going to say about these comments I constantly hear?…that addict is in denial, they have blinders on and they are severely lost and confused.

If you spent only HALF of the time and energy in your recovery as you did in your addiction, you would have such a firm foundation in your life.  If you put in only HALF the hard work in your recovery as you did in your addiction, you would be so satisfied and successful in living a good life.  Addiction and recovery are both hard work but why would you want to work harder for a life that leads to death instead of putting half that effort into a life that leads to satisfaction and blessings?  Are you afraid that you actually might be happy, that the hard work for recovery might actually pay off and be worth it, that it surprisingly might be possible to live a peaceful and successful life?

As addicts, you are constantly disappointed in your addiction but when you take that step and decide to put the work in with your recovery, especially with God as your “I AM,” you will NEVER be disappointed…

“To You they cried out and were delivered; In You they trusted and were not disappointed.” Psalm 22:5


God’s Promises never come back void and His Word is forever faithful.  Meet God half way, put the hard work, the energy, the time, the effort in your recovery and watch what God does.  Be prepared for Jesus to be your firm foundation, be prepared to NOT be disappointed, be ready to see the transformation God does in you and your life.

Don’t work harder for nothing when you are MORE than capable, with God, to work hard for something!  

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