Imagine you are sitting in a school gymnasium and watching a professional gymnastics tournament.  It’s time for the balance beam portion.  I want you to pay attention to where the gymnast is looking and what her eyes are focused on.  Now think about another situation.  You are in a yoga class and it’s time to stand on one foot with your hands together.  When people stand on one foot balancing where do they look?  What are their eyes fixed on?

YES!  In both cases the gymnast and the person doing yoga are looking in one spot, their eyes fixed on one specific area of the room so they don’t lose their balance.  If they start to look everywhere else and get unfocused they can get off balance and more than likely fall.  One small look to the left or right, taking their eyes on their target can make them lean to one side and topple over.

“Fixing our eyes on Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of faith…” Hebrews 12:2

“Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.” Proverbs 4:27

The gymnast has hundreds of people surrounding her, watching her.  She has shouts coming from all sides of the room.  The yoga person has other people around them which can be a distraction or the mat she is standing on might be sliding from under them or they have an itch on their back they can’t reach.  Many distractions are surrounding these two examples but they keep their focus on the main target so they don’t fall and lose balance.  Imagine if that gymnast kept looking all around her while trying to walk from one end of that balance beam to the other…she wouldn’t be able to.

The same concept goes for a person in recovery and living a life free from addiction.  No matter what trouble comes, the distractions that rise around you, the trials that appear in your life, the different circumstances you are put in, you CANNOT lose your balance.  Your eyes need to remain on the target, on Jesus at all times so you don’t fall or stumble off course.  Your eyes don’t need to be fixed on your circumstances but rather on Jesus.  Fixing your focus on Jesus will not take the problems or situations aways but rather give you the strength and victory in walking them out and getting to the other side of that “balance beam” and walking that straight path towards the end.  Steady fix your eyes only on Jesus and I promise, God promises that you will not fall but conquer whatever problem comes in your life.

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