Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

Hopefully you all have read my previous article, “God Meant It For Good” because this article is going off of that- I wrote a little on addict being a “diamond in the rough” and it got me thinking a little more…God laid it on my heart to expand on this particular topic.  Of course, what was the first thing I thought of?…Disney’s “Aladdin.”  Remember how Aladdin went from rags to riches, a street rat to a prince?  Aladdin was that diamond in the rough for the Princess Jasmine.  Now, you might think this blog is going off that movie, however, the only reason why I thought about the movie is because just like Aladdin was Princess Jasmine’s diamond, addicts are God’s diamond in the rough.

A little history lesson: the word diamond originates from the greek word “adamas” which means indestructible: not being able to be destroyed!!

Also, diamonds are made of pure carbon- carbon that has pressure applied to it, a lot of pressure.  Another interesting fact?…the only way diamonds are pushed to the earth’s surface is by dangerous events such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes…imagine how dangerous that journey is!

Can you tell where I’m going with this article now?…

“And they shall be mine, said the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him.” Malachi 3:17

To the addict: YOU ARE GOD’S DIAMONDS!  You have exceptional potential and amazing characteristics that nobody can see except for God!  God sees what is truly in you and He can make you go from an ordinary addict to an EXTRAordinary Child of God, a one of a kind diamond…however, like all diamonds, you must go through the refining, cutting and polishing process in order to get there.  God needs to take you through hardships, challenges, trials, problems, hurt, and pain in order to make you that extraordinary diamond He created you to be.  Another thing…addict, you CANNOT be destroyed!  Diamonds are indestructible…and so are you because you are God’s masterpiece and you are His Child, created in His own image.  God already won the victory with Jesus and satan can’t defeat you because God won’t let him…you just need to trust God in that and have faith.  You are that diamond in the rough that God is waiting to polish up so you can live the extraordinary life He has for you.  You can go from a street rat drug addict to a prince or princess of God’s Kingdom because you are an heir to Jesus, His Son!  You are part of God’s family if you just say YES to God and let Him refine you, push you and polish you up!  Diamonds are extremely rare and you are one of those rare jewels that God wants to make His.

Diamonds have to go through a very rough and hard process to get to the shape they are meant to be…the same with you.  God needs to mold and shape you but that process is very hard, the journey you go through is very painful but the end result of your diamond shape image is so worth it because it’s God’s masterpiece.  Diamonds are brought to the surface and placed in their owner’s hand for cutting polishing…addicts, you are going to be brought up to the surface with having to be very vulnerable in front of God, putting yourself in God’s hands and allowing Him to cut and polish you into the diamond shape you were meant to be.  Just say YES!

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