God Meant It For Good

God Meant It For Good

God Meant It For Good

“They falsely accused him, wrongly imprisoned him, ignored and maligned him…They meant is for evil, but GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD.” R.T. Kendall

Have you ever heard the expression “If God did it before, He can do it again.”?  Or maybe you remember reading this verse from the Bible, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” Hebrews 13:8.  Kendall focuses this book on the story of Joseph and how God meant everything that happened in Joseph’s life for the good, for His Glory.  Joseph had a very rough life with lots of trials, hardships, hurt, and evil BUT God turned everything around for the good.  Why did the author want us to read and understand what God did in Joseph’s life?…Because he wanted us to see that God is the same today as He was back then, that because God worked Joseph’s life out for the good, He can also work OUR lives out for the good, no matter what trials we are in.

Something that the author wrote on that stuck out to me was the topic on being a diamond in the rough.  The point that Kendall made about Joseph being a diamond in the rough for God made me think about how addicts are the same way.  Kendall says, “Joseph was God’s diamond in the rough.  He needed a lot of polishing before his time would come.  But that is the way God sees each of us- diamonds that no one around us recognizes.”  People usually don’t look at addicts and think of diamonds (worthy and of value), but rather they think of them as the opposite, like coal.  God sees addicts, like He did with Joseph, as diamonds that He can and wants to us because each one of us has a specific job for God that only we can do.  God needs to polish us before He can use us, which results in all the hardships and trials but God also uses that polishing for the good because it’s preparation on what He needs us for.  God sees something in us that others don’t see and He wants to bring that out in us for His good, His Glory.  We are diamonds to Him!

Another point that Kendall makes in his book connects with people in addiction as well…starting a new life!  God not only wants addicts to get clean and sober, but He also wants them to start a new life following Him…NOT going back to an old life before the addiction even happened.  Kendall says, “God does us an enormous favor when He makes us see we simply cannot return….God does not want us to like our surroundings too much.”  It’s easy for us to go back to our old lifestyle, old habits and ways after getting clean because it’s easy and it’s what we know, it’s our normal and comfort.  However, God wants the total opposite…He wants us to depend and lean on Him, He wants us to be uncomfortable because that’s when our trust and faith come in.  God can work in us and through us when we are uncomfortable because God is really all we have in those times and God can use us, those “diamonds in the rough” for His purpose and Glory while we walk through our new life with Him.

This last point I am going to make really spoke to me because of the personal experience I have in it, which is…going through the same trial until you pass the test.  This point can be related not only to addicts, but ANYBODY because whatever trial or challenge a person is going through, until they pass that test, God is going to keep making them take the test over and over again.  Kendal says, “…we should not expect a new kind of trial to come our way, unless we have made it through the old one with dignity.”  Think about your addiction for a minute (if you are an addict)…does God keep circling you around the same temptation, the same drug, the same problem?  What if you aren’t an addict, does God keep putting you through the same trial, the same challenge, the same test over and over?  Why?…think about it!  Maybe you haven’t changed in how you handle those temptations or situations, maybe you haven’t grown, maybe you haven’t learned anything from these same hardships?  What is God trying to show you and what do you need to do in order to pass these same tests being thrown at you?

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