Jesus, the Gentleman

Jesus, the Gentleman

Jesus, the Gentleman

The gentleman, the barbarian; who do you want to give your life to?

That might sound like an easy question right?  Of course, most people would say the gentleman BUT as they always say, “it’s easier said than done.”  Most people don’t even realize that with EVERY small compromise they make, the more they give their life over to the barbarian.

Who is the barbarian?  Who is the gentleman I speak of?

Barbarian:satan- he is brutal and cruel, a savage and uncivilized

Gentleman:Jesus- HE is polite, respectful, noble, honorable, and courteous

There are definitely more characteristics of these two but above are just a few I thought of.  The difference between a gentleman and a barbarian is the same as the difference between Jesus and satan.  

I tend to think of the barbarian as sneaking into your life while in addiction without you even asking him.  He busts right through your front door in the sneakiest of ways and grabs a hold of your life in the most uncivilized ways without even seeing it.  He is so cruel that he blinds you with the addiction and then he plays with your mind, your heart, your soul, and your spirit.  The gentleman, on the other hand, is waiting patiently for you to let Him in your front door, to let Him in your heart.  He is respectful and won’t force you to come to Him.  He is patient and will always be patient until you say, “Ok, Jesus, I’m ready for You to come in.”  The gentleman will always treat you like a lady, a child of God while the barbarian treats you like his slave.  

 So how do you know who you are giving your life to?  Well…every choice that your flesh makes that is NOT of God or goes according to His Word is allowing more and more room for satan to take hold of your life.  One example, as I stated above, is your addiction.  Every choice your spirit makes that goes along with God’s Word and Promises allows God to come into your heart and your desires will start to become His desires and you will want to let the gentleman in; you will want to let God come stay in your home, which is your heart.

I just want to encourage people in addiction or others that aren’t making the right choices in life that it is never too late to give your heart and your life to the gentleman that loves you unconditionally.  He is waiting for you on the other side of the door and will always be there.


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