Like A Tree…You Have A Purpose

Like A Tree…You Have A Purpose

Like A Tree…You Have A Purpose

I’m sitting here on my couch looking out through all our windows and I begin to think how I’m surrounded by dead, lifeless, bare, still trees, plants and bushes.  I am literally sitting right smack dab in the middle of lifeless looking trees!  These trees look like they have no purpose, just standing there with no leaves, colors and substance.

Then God gave me a great revelation…God created these dead looking trees and since He created them, they must have a purpose!  We, as humans, might not fully understand their purpose BUT…

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,’ declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8

God knows exactly what He needs His creations for!

So what am I getting at you ask?…Well, I’m going to be very real and honest for a minute.  Think about what an addict looks like…dead, lifeless, hopeless, sunken in, bare, still, cold…just like the trees I see outside.  Mind you, all these characteristics I’m saying is what the human eye notices and sees from the outside with our small, fleshly perspective.

Even though the addict themselves or others think addicts don’t have a purpose…THEY DO!  ADDICT, YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!  God created you just like He created these trees.  Doesn’t God make sure He brings back to life these dead trees in the spring, summer and fall seasons?  He cares for them!

“Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns-and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Matthew 6:26

I know this verse is speaking of the birds, however you can replace birds with these trees…think about how much more valuable you are to God than these trees.  If God wanted nature to have their own specific purpose in life, think about how much more valuable and important YOUR specific and original purpose is for God’s Kingdom.  

God wants to raise every addict from the dead and bring them back to life…if He can do it for these lifeless trees, He can certainly do it for you.  Another perspective that I want you to see that God showed me is that our simple human eyes only see the outward appearance of something while God wants our spiritual eyes to see beyond that outward appearance.  I saw these trees’ outward look and “judged” them by thinking how on earth could they have a purpose…which is how people look at addicts!  However, God sees the purpose He created for those trees, for that addict, which is planted inside of them and just needs to be brought out for the world to see.

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