Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk

Walk Your Talk…

Lies come out in words

Truth comes out in actions

Love is spoken

True love is expressed


To the addict:

Our words meant nothing in our addiction.  Our love towards ourselves and others was empty in our mess.  We kept saying we were going to change but never did.  We kept running and hiding from our problems expecting them to just disappear on their own.  The addict will do whatever they need or want to no matter what comes out of their mouths.  After a while in this mindset, of speaking these lies and living out your addiction it becomes an addict’s habit, a lifestyle to say one thing but live out another.  We usually say things like “I’m trying to change,” “I am changing,” “I need money for my bills,” “I’m looking for a job,” or any other excuse just to get people off your back and leave you alone.

We, as addicts, can’t expect anybody to believe us or expect anything to change in our lives if our actions don’t deliver what we say or vise versa.  You are only hurting yourself and digging a deeper hole for yourself the more you say things you don’t mean, the more your words become empty, the more your love becomes void to others around you.

God already knows your words are lies and your actions speak the truth of your addiction lifestyle.  God sees, hears and knows everything at all times.  He knows your words won’t match up with your actions even before you speak them.

Addict…do you want to change?  Do you want to live out what you are saying?  Do you truly want your words and actions to go hand in hand?  THEN WALK YOUR TALK!

God is the PERFECT example of walking out what He says…His Words NEVER come back void, He ALWAYS keeps His promises to us and God expresses true love in such a perfect way.  God wants us to follow His example!

1 Corinthians 13 is the “love chapter” of the Bible and it perfectly explains how to express true love in your words and actions.  Addicts, I encourage to ask Jesus into your heart and allow Him to be your example on how to Walk the Talk so your words never come back void and so you can love yourself and others with true and real love like Jesus.

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