6 Ways to Keep Drugs off the Holiday Menu

Keep Drugs off the Holiday Menu

6 Ways to Keep Drugs off the Holiday Menu

6 Ways to Keep Drugs off the Holiday Menu

1: Choose the Right Holiday Mindset

The holidays are a time to celebrate, a time to be with family and friends. Many use these celebrations as an excuse to indulge themselves with food and drink, often at the cost of health. Indulgence is not a prerequisite for holiday happiness. You can enjoy the holidays and spend quality time with family and friends without relapsing into old habits. Once this truth becomes part of your mindset, the odds of remaining clean and sober increase.

2: Avoid Tempting Situations

Nobody wants to be alone during the holidays, but sometimes being alone is the better option. Although it’s extremely difficult to avoid all temptations during the holidays, the more tempting situations you avoid, the more likely you are to enjoy an alcohol and drug free holiday season. The need to avoid difficult situations is especially critical for those who have recently chosen a better life without alcohol and drugs.

3: Make a Plan

Begin the day with a plan. Evaluate risk–low risk, medium risk, or high risk situations. Decide and rehearse beforehand how you’re going to react to temptations. What, for example, are you going to do when an old friend hands you a drink or invites you to score some drugs? Have your answers ready. Have an escape plan as well.

4: Take Care of Yourself

Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Avoid holiday stress (as much as possible). Neglecting your health leads to irritability, which leads to or increases stress. Stress often triggers addictive behaviors. When stress appears, find a way to minimize or neutralize it. Have a plan in place before stress and irritability strike.

5: Lean on Your Support Group

There will be many who will want you to join them for an alcoholic beverage or tempt you with drugs–many of whom aren’t aware of your struggles, but some who are. There are also those who are rooting for you, who want you to succeed. Lean on them. Bring them with you to parties. Program their number into your phone. Although it is ultimately up to you to stay clean, it sure is nice to have support.

6: Don’t Get Complacent

Relapses are more likely to happen when you stop doing the things that helped you get clean. Remain vigilant. If attending support groups is part of your rehabilitation, continue to attend. Click To Tweet

If avoiding bars has brought you success, continue avoiding bars. If staying away from certain “friends” has helped you get clean, now is not the time to rekindle those friendships.

It is possible to enjoy the holidays and not indulge in alcohol in drugs. In fact, it’s clear that alcohol and drugs this holiday season would ruin the holidays, and even worse, could ruin your life. So make the decision to keep drugs off the holiday menu this year.

If you’re struggling with addiction during the holidays or any time of year, get help. You are worth it.

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