Light In Darkness: Adult & Teen Challenge Versus Prison

Adult & Teen Challenge versus prison: hope in darkness through forgiveness

Light In Darkness: Adult & Teen Challenge Versus Prison


According to a SAMHSA report, 16.3 million adults had an alcohol use disorder in 2014. Meanwhile, another 6.2 million adults had an illicit drug use disorder. All in all, fully 23 million adults struggled with both disorders in 2014. These are certainly sobering statistics. Yet, only 2.5 million of those adults participated in a recovery or rehabilitation program. Below, we show what the Adult & Teen Challenge versus prison debate is missing: the spiritual component in recovery.


What Adult And Teen Challenge Offers


Adult & Teen Challenge is a Christ-centered residential recovery program. Mentors offer guidance and support as participants forge their journey towards sobriety. Instructors teach the biblical principles that form the basis of a Christ-centered identity. They focus on helping participants uncover the dysfunctional thought patterns that led to past self-destructive behavior.


Specifically, participants learn how to break the cycle of generational dysfunction by establishing new, constructive habits. They are taught how to apply biblical principles in real-world settings. Meanwhile, group therapy focuses on forging strong human connections. Participants work with personal mentors as they craft their exit strategy and transition back to society. Lifelong sobriety isn’t just a dream but an achievable reality for participants.


Adult & Teen Challenge Versus Prison: Spiritual Reformation, Not Incarceration


In a 2017 Virginian public policy poll, respondents voiced support for treatment, rather than incarceration for those who suffer from addictive disorders. As a matter of fact, a majority supports treatment for heroin users (61%) and prescription drug abusers (72%), rather than jail terms.

In other words, Virginians prefer to focus on healing. Their sentiments may not be misplaced. According to the Virginia Department Of Corrections, it cost Virginians $29,967 in 2017 to house an inmate, up 3.3% from 2016. The costs continue to rise, with little evidence that those with substance abuse disorders can benefit from their incarceration.


Adult & Teen Challenge Is The Solution To Our Modern Crisis


In light of America's opioid crisis, Virginians have spoken. They emphatically support treatment over incarceration, and Adult & Teen Challenge has risen to the challenge. Click To Tweet

Overall, the program has a 70% success rate, putting it well above secular treatment options. There is hope beyond the darkness: contact us today to learn how we can help.

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