Can this hurt have meaning?

Can this hurt have meaning?

The grief of watching a loved one battle an addiction can be absolutely overwhelming. It can leave a person depressed, worn out, physically & emotionally sick. Just to name a few.

As we go through this struggle of helping someone we care about we will never be okay with the addiction. The pain of this battle can cut deep over and over again. If we don’t find a way to channel all that we have been through into something positive and life giving, it can eat away us.

I don’t think I have to spend time elaborating on the hurt. I think we all connect to what it means to grieve pain and hardships. I think what’s important here is that we focus on finding a way to use this hurt to help others.

I was thinking about this and how my parents were able to use this struggle. They initially got the call of God to launch the Teen Challenge program around the same time 3 children were beginning to actively fight addiction.

At the beginning, they fought with the thoughts of “How can I help anyone else, if I can’t help my own children?”

But yet after time they realized that the very thing they thought disqualified them from helping actually gave them many of the tools they needed to help other people.

Before Pastor John went through the process of getting the approval to launch a program in Virginia, he took his time and traveled to other programs and volunteered to be involved in helping as many people as he could.

A few years later, my sister and I ended up going into Teen Challenge to get help for our addictions. Now this cycle of using the things we have struggled with to help others continues as we have dedicated our lives to helping addicts and their families.

I believe serving others is a crucial part of getting whole. This is the beauty of the Gospel. Jesus Christ set the example when He came to serve and not be served.

There is a healing that happens in our hearts and in our lives when we serve others. You have a story, you have a voice. You’ve been through struggles and there are many that feel alone and feel that no one understands what they are facing. The reality is that you understand their struggle, you understand their pain. The healing for most can begin when they simply realize that they are not alone.

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