Crystal’s Story | Adult and Teen Challenge

Crystal | Adult & Teen Challenge

Crystal’s Story | Adult and Teen Challenge

My name is Crystal, I’m 31, from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and a mother of two wonderful children.

The devil started his attacks of self-doubt at a young age.

I had low self-esteem, did not feel accepted and was told I had anxiety and depression at 15.

I was prescribed medicine and believed I needed it to cope. However, it never really made me feel truly better. For the past 13 years, I’ve searched for acceptance in the wrong crowds. This led to years of drug addiction and abuse, both physical and mental, from a guy that I believed loved me. I was scared, angry and losing the ones in my life that were most important to me – my family and children.

Since being at Shenandoah Valley Adult & Teen Challenge, I have come into a true relationship with God. I know there is hope for me! I’m learning to cope with feelings of depression without turning to drugs and instead, turning to God and putting my trust in Him. He is my strength and comfort.

At our Women’s Center, Our dedicated staff of ladies offers hope & healing to women who have been broken by the pain of drug & alcohol addiction. With a focus on the practical applications of Christian teachings, adults not only learn how to change deeply entrenched, self-destructive behavior but to discover a new identity in Christ that makes these changes possible. Adults who come to Teen Challenge not only receive a holistic approach to recovery from life-controlling problems, but acquire a new value system that honors family, takes responsibility for community, cultivates a positive work ethic, and helps them become productive, healthy members of society.

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