Isolation: one of the Many Dangers of Using Drugs

Dangers of Using Drugs

Isolation: one of the Many Dangers of Using Drugs

Isolation: one of the Many Dangers of Using Drugs


The phrase “died unexpectedly” appears to be gaining prevalence lately in young people’s obituaries. Behind the tragic acknowledgement of an untimely death is a hidden connotation: drug overdose. The same stigma that discourages young people from finding support and treatment later encourages loved ones to feel ashamed about their loss.

This culture of judgement keeps addicts isolated and afraid to reach out for help. Instead of seeking strength from families and communities of faith, they feel compelled to withdraw. Heroin instills such a controlling grasp that addicts may not even want others to know of their problems because they may feel incapable of quitting.Dangers of Using Drugs

There are many Dangers of Using Drugs. Aside from deadly health effects, drug use also pushes away an addict’s best tools for recovery. Drug use decreases a person’s life force, so that he or she spends all sober moments either in apathy or in desperate pursuit of the next high. Being an addict makes keeping a steady job almost impossible. Addicts feel as though they have no choice but to hide their pain and remove themselves from all parts of their life that previously sustained them; abandoning family, friends, church, hobbies, personal hygiene, and dreams for the future.

Using drugs often makes an addict feel worthless. Society reinforces the concept that addicts are somehow less human.

Nobody except for God gets to decide who deserves love. Recovery is difficult but with the right support and effective treatment, people can shed the oppressive net of addiction and find peace in sobriety once more.

Being an addict feels incredibly isolating. In the moment, during the throes of a craving, an addict may express nothing more than a desire to be left alone in shame. However, abandoning each other in times of need perpetuates a vicious cycle. Drugs are deadly. Though reaching out can be difficult, providing communities of support and promoting treatment will slow the tide of premature obituaries, saving families from the pain of unnecessary deaths of the young people we love.

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