Do you have a loved one battling addiction? 

Learn how to offer the right type of help with the Concerned persons Video Course

This 4 Week Video Course is designed specifically for family members, friends, and loved ones of those caught in addiciton.

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Hope as the Starting Point & Anchor


Tackling the issue of   Co-Dependency


Feelings & Defenses: When the walls are up.


Letting Go & Letting God

Are You Concerned for someone in Addiction?

We understand.

At Teen Challenge we have been helping addicts and their families for over 50 years. You are not alone in this battle!

During this 4 part course you will discover many helpful tools necessary to offer the right kind of help and not lose control of your life due to your loved one's life controlling problem. 

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

  • Letting God & Letting God
    How to authentically place your loved one in God's hands and get your life back through proper boundaries. 
  • Co-Dependency 
    Have you gotten so wrapped up in helping your loved one that you own their problem?
  • Hope  
    How to have authentic hope and be shielded from unrealistic expectations.
  • Feelings and Defenses 
    When things get tough walls go up. How can we identify these defense mechanisms. 

What's Included in your enrollment?

  • Four Video Lessons 
  • Four Downloadable Study Guides with actionable steps for the week.
  • Bible Reading Plan/ Devotional to go with each lesson.
  • Three White-Paper Reports: 14 Signs Something is Wrong, Stop Enabling, & Five Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Their Recovery
  • Free E-book: Stories of Hope

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