Addiction Affects All of Us: How to Help a Recovering Addict

How to Help a recovering addict

Addiction Affects All of Us: How to Help a Recovering Addict

Addiction Affects All of Us: How to Help a Recovering Addict

Fear. Anger. Guilt. Uncertainty. Shame. Isolation. Helplessness.

Family members grapple with similar feelings to those addicts themselves struggle with. Drugs barricade the connection between addict and loved one, fend off attempts to help, and instill toxicity. Recovering from addiction exemplifies a time when family could hardly be more important, or difficult. Figuring out How to Help a Recovering Addict is often disparaging, but remember: you are not alone.

Drug addictions among family members put their empathy to the test. Without personally experiencing the cravings, loved ones see only the horribly detrimental consequences. Understandably, they resent the substance at the root of their pain as they watch drugs coerce someone they hold dear into making harmful choices. Maintaining love for an addict, without accepting the drug or the ways that substance abuse can encourage an addict to hurt the family member requires dedicated spiritual strength.

When caring for a loved one in recovery, remembering to take care of yourself can seem unimportant. However, you need strength to reach out a helping hand as well as to keep yourself intact. You can turn to other people on similar journeys, through support groups, family and friends, and communities of faith.

Attending recovery meetings with your loved one provides a dual purpose: your loved one will be more accountable for attending meetings and will know you appreciate and understand the effort they are putting into their sobriety, and you yourself can find support for your own struggles and emotional tolls.

You can forgive someone for hurting you without accepting that you deserve pain. You can hate a substance and the relationship it has with someone you love without hating or blaming your loved one for letting a worthless, dangerous drug cause so much strife in a family.

Relapses happen. Sobriety will be a life-long effort. It will not be easy. However, you exist for a purpose in this life. Even when the battle seems lost, take heart: your fight does a world of good for the loved ones who are blessed to have you on their side.

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