Letting Go and Letting God

Letting Go and Letting God

Letting Go and Letting God

Such a frequently used phrase yet in reality is a challenge for the majority of us to do. The other day I began to contemplate the story of Joseph’s life. What an amazing story about letting go and trusting the purpose of God irregardless of what he suffered.

I saw the correlation here with Joseph and to those of us who have suffered on account of family members battling with addiction.

If you really think about the life of Joseph the beginning of his struggles started at the hands of his family members. Gen. 37

The story of Joseph is a commonly told story but in short, Joseph spoke out about a dream that he had to his brothers and as a result they got angry, wanted to murder him, and settled for selling him into slavery.

Think about this; Joseph was sold into slavery by his family.

That is tough! How could the people we love and care about so much be the result of so much pain and hardship in our lives?

While we have never experienced exactly what Joseph did many of us understand what is means to feel like you are imprisoned because of the actions of those close to you.

You feel trapped! Many family members of addicts also feel the same. You live the ups and the downs, you have seasons of hope only to be followed by seasons of disappointment.

We will never know the full extent of what Joseph suffered, the late night bouts with himself while laying in prison.

I will never know the full extent of what you have suffered as a result of your loved ones addiction.

Yet at the end of Josephs journey of being able to fully let go and trust the plan of God even through the hardship. He was able to stand firm on his faith in the Lord and ultimately save not only his family but an entire nation. Everything Joseph endured prepared him to be able to help.

The heart of Joseph is evident at the very end of the passage when he says these words.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good” Gen. 50:20

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