What Long-Term Rehab At Adult & Teen Challenge Offers You

What Long-Term Rehab At Adult & Teen Challenge Offers You

Experts maintain that the United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. The CDC estimates that 72,000 individuals died from drug overdose deaths in 2017. Additionally, at least 130 people died every day from opioid-related overdoses that year. For you, much is at stake. Perhaps, you know someone who’s struggling with an addictive disorder. You need viable solutions to your challenges. In this article, we explain how long-term rehab at Adult & Teen Challenge can help you and your loved one.


4 Types Of Long-Term Programs for Addictive Disorders


There are many centers offering several types of inpatient programs. The most common inpatient treatments are short-term in nature, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a month. Meanwhile, other treatment programs may last up to a year. Consider multi-pronged treatment plans for effective changes.

First, a detoxification program is a practical and important first step towards recovery. Simply, detoxification is the process of clearing the body of all traces of a drug. Doctors manage the detoxification process with medications because it often results in intense withdrawal symptoms. Detox programs can last up to a month. Long-term programs include:


  • Therapeutic communities (TCs): Recovering addicts led initial TCs. Today, modern TCs are staffed by health professionals who provide everything from motivational therapies to cognitive-behavioral counseling. TCs are focused on recovery and is usually the next stop after detoxification.


  • Partial inpatient programs: Here, patients complete a short inpatient program (which may involve detoxification) and then graduate to a regular outpatient program.


  • Recovery support services: Patients live in specialized housing and are supported in their recovery goals by trained professionals. This option enables recovering individuals to integrate into society at their own pace. Services include faith-based counseling, mentoring sessions, as well as employment training.


  • Inpatient Psychiatric Care: This type of program is generally geared towards those who suffer from severe mental and addictive disorders. Group therapy work is a major part of the program.


What Adult & Teen Challenge Provides In Inpatient Recovery Services


Did you know that more than 90% of those with a substance use disorder received no treatment in 2017? As a matter of fact, the idea of receiving treatment for such a disorder is intimidating. Many fear treatment will either not work or leave them feeling stigmatized.


However, there is hope. If your loved one has already completed the detoxification process, consider recovery support services as a viable next step. While secular programs have their place, Adult & Teen Challenge specializes in approaching the root of the problem through a spiritual lens.


As a faith-based center, we focus on strengthening the spiritual convictions of those we provide care to. We believe that faith is a key element in facilitating addiction recovery. All in all, our long-term recovery program is non-denominational and undeniably Christ-centered. We rely on holistic therapies to treat those who struggle with drug, alcohol, or other substance abuse disorders.


Our 3-phase program involves an intensive and comprehensive 12-month process:


  • Induction: Here, we focus on helping our clients uncover the culprits behind their addictions. Bible-based and individualized mentoring sessions are the norm during this vulnerable period.


  • Training: In this crucial phase, we apply biblical principles to real-world environments. We help our students learn new vocational skills. Our program is tailored to each individual and focused on preparing students for a satisfying, productive future.


  • Re-entry:  During this phase, mentors work with students to plan an exit strategy covering the 6 components of transition: employment, communication skills, transportation options, church attendance,  viable recovery maintenance plans, and housing options.


Who Benefits From Long-Term Inpatient Care


Adult & Teen Challenge is for those who:


  • struggle with severe addictive disorders
  • have tried but failed to overcome their addictions in other programs
  • must remove themselves from relationships that trigger their addiction
  • need extended, intensive therapies to keep them from relapsing


Long-term programs are beneficial for anyone who wants to sustain a lasting recovery. If Christian principles are important to you or your loved one, consider our faith-based holistic programs in your battle for victory. For immediate help, contact us. Tell us who needs help and whether you’re interested in the men or women’s programs. A caring, compassionate Adult & Teen Challenge professional will contact you and answer your questions.


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