What Adult And Teen Challenge Locations In Virginia Can Do For You

What Adult And Teen Challenge Locations In Virginia Can Do For You

Helping a loved one overcome an addictive disorder is often an emotionally fraught experience. Invariably, the challenges compound for people of faith. Those who struggle with addictive disorders often feel ashamed of their perceived moral failings. As such, they may resist well-meaning efforts to help. This is where specialized, faith-based recovery programs come in. Take, for example, the Adult And Teen Challenge locations in Virginia. They provide people of faith a tangible means of recovering their self-respect and personal agency.


Shenandoah Valley Adult And Teen Challenge


The Shenandoah Valley Adult and Teen Challenge offers a 12-month program for both men and women. The programs include Bible study sessions, group therapy meetings, mentoring sessions, a work experience program, chapel services, and Family Day functions.


The five-month induction phase begins with personal and group mentoring. In Phase Two, students learn how to apply biblical principles in real-world scenarios. Meanwhile, Phase Three focuses on helping clients navigate the transition back into society.


Appalachian Region Adult And Teen Challenge


The Appalachian Region Adult and Teen Challenge serves the entire Appalachian region. Two centers in Princeton, West Virginia, provide residential care and training for adults. Meanwhile, the center in Fincastle focuses on helping female teenagers overcome addictive disorders. A fourth center for adult females is planned for early January, 2019, in Bridgeport.


Clients may either apply for the 30-day short-term program or the 11-month program. The second is only available, however, after completion of the 30-day program. Both programs provide disciplined, safe, and regimented environments for clients with addictive disorders. The Appalachian centers are generally the next stop after a detoxification program.


Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge (MATC)


The Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is located in Newport News. It focuses on helping male teenagers (ages 12-17) overcome addictive disorders. Specifically, its faith-based program highlights spiritual renewal as the main transformative element in substance abuse recovery.


The program lasts 12 months, but students who need additional help in transitioning back to society can apply for a 3-month extension. All students participate in Bible classes, work programs, and recreational activities. Students can also attend school during their tenure here. In fact, juniors and seniors may be able to earn enough credits to graduate with a diploma from the MATC boarding school.


North Central Virginia Adult And Teen Challenge


North Central Virginia Adult And Teen Challenge has two programs in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Meanwhile, a third program for men is planned for the Greater Richmond area in the near future.


  • The Beauty for Ashes Women and Children’s Home in Fredericksburg offers a 12-18 month residential program for adult women with children. Clients attend faith-based classes and receive life skills training. They also receive vital social support from a church community. Pregnant women are encouraged to apply: the goal is to keep mother and child together. Children can attend a day-care program on campus while their mothers are in class.


  • The Men’s Ranch in Fredericksburg is a 12-month residential recovery program for men. Its goal for its clients is lasting recovery from substance abuse addiction.


  • The Men’s Home and Crisis Center is an up-coming program in the Greater Richmond area. It will be focused on helping men overcome addictive disorders and begin a new life in Christ.


Interested parties should note that Adult and Teen Challenge locations in Virginia do not provide detoxification programs for clients. They are solely focused on faith-based recovery services for those struggling with addictive disorders.


For those who live near the Shenandoah Valley Adult And Teen Challenge, contact us here. A compassionate and knowledgeable member of staff stands ready to address your concerns.

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