ways to stop drinking

Ways to Stop Drinking

What are some effective ways to stop drinking?

The first step for anyone that is ready to stop drinking is to come to a self-realization that drinking has had a negative impact on their lives. Often times we haven’t yet come to a place where we have truly felt the consequences of drinking.

Have you felt driven by your problem?

The signs that you could be driven by your problem are:

You feel no way out
You feel like you are in over your head
You feel like a slave
You feel like a runaway truck
You feel overwhelmed

If any of these apply to your life then it’s very well that your drinking has moved beyond social use to a problem.

Now that you have acknowledged the problem exist we can take the first step and begin to do something about it.

Ways to Stop Drinking

  • Inform someone about your decision

You have made a great decision to stop drinking. It’s important to let someone know. If you are married, begin with your spouse. Let them know that you are ready to make some changes and that you want their accountability to help you follow through with their decision.

  • Stop Purchasing Alcohol & Empty Your Stash

You need to get rid of all the alcohol. Even if you live with someone that drinks periodically it would be wise to inform them of your decision and ask them to help you and get rid of any alcohol in your home. This is going to be an important step for you in making sure that alcohol isn’t easily accessible.

  • Get Support

I know this seems redundant, but it’s important. If you are really going to walk this thing out you need people to walk with you. Find a recovery group, local church, or residential program that can help you continue on this journey.
You can do this!!


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