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Thanks for 23 Years Pastor John

Testimony | Adult Teen Challenge • 1 min read • May 5, 2024 2:49:36 PM • Written by: Adult Teen Challenge Shenandoah Valley

SVTC Community, As we look back on the remarkable journey of our ministry, it's impossible NOT to recognize the foundational role that PASTOR JOHN has played.

Twenty-three years ago, fueled by a vision and inspired by the music of the Philly Teen Challenge Choir, he set out on a mission to bring hope and healing to those battling addiction. Today, we stand in awe of Pastor John's commitment and the countless lives he has touched through the Shenandoah Valley Adult Teen Challenge.  

As he prepares for a well-deserved retirement, let us join together in expressing our deepest gratitude and appreciation for his selfless service. 

Give a gift of $23 to celebrate 23 Years of Ministry.

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