Join Team Hope

Transform Lives Caught in the Grip of Addiction

"Join Team Hope" is more than just a phrase—it's a heartfelt invitation to become a part of a life-changing mission with Adult Teen Challenge. Your support is not just a donation; it's a lifeline to those grappling with addiction, guiding them to a life of freedom and purpose through Jesus Christ.

The Reality of Addiction


Lives Lost Annually: Every number is a neighbor, a friend, a family member. We stand against this tide.


Risk of Relapse: Addiction is a persistent challenge, but with continuous support, hope is never out of reach.

$ B

The financial toll of substance abuse echoes the emotional and physical one.


In the U.S. alone, millions are in the throes of addiction. Together, we can offer a way out.

What is Teen Challenge?

Teen Challenge is a sanctuary of hope and healing, a community where lives are restored and futures reclaimed. Here, we witness the unfolding of Redemption's Story, as each individual steps into the fullness of life that awaits beyond addiction.

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Your IMPACT Through

Round the Clock Residential Care

We pledge to steward your gifts with utmost integrity, directing funds to our life-restoring residential care programs. Through your generosity, individuals receive compassionate support, structured guidance, and the unfailing love of Jesus, embarking on a transformative journey towards long-term freedom.
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Placing Hope Within Reach

In a nation where 20 million souls face addiction's clutches, many find residential programs out of reach. Our Ready Now Recovery initiative steps into this gap, offering Christ-centered solutions for all. Your contribution today lights a path to recovery for someone ready to walk it.

Christ-Centered Recovery in Action

Witness the transformative power of Christ through stories of those we've served. Each narrative is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the restorative love of our Creator, powered by your support.


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