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Ready Now Recovery Groups

Step into a new life today with ‘Ready Now Recovery’ at Adult Teen Challenge Virginia. You’re ready to move forward—we’re ready to help you do it.

Why Ready Now Recovery?

We understand that the road to recovery is unique for everyone. That’s why we’re excited to offer a variety of supportive environments to meet you right where you are:


Local In-Person Small Groups

Connect face-to-face with peers in your community who understand your struggles and triumphs.


Virtual Small Groups

Join sessions from the comfort of your home, finding strength in community, accessible from anywhere.


90-Day Online Recovery Program

Commit to a structured, guided online program designed to fortify your steps towards sobriety over three transformative months.

A New Chapter Begins Soon

‘Ready Now Recovery’ is our promise to you that help is on the way. This initiative, launching soon, is all about meeting you where you are on your journey to recovery. Whether you’re down the street or across the country, our upcoming groups and programs are designed to connect you with a community that cares.
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Ready Now Recovery Group in Middletown, Virginia

Come join us at Brookside Church for our very first ‘Ready Now Recovery’ small group. This is where you’ll meet friends who are ready to support you, listen to you, and cheer you on as you move forward. We’re all about getting together to share stories, encourage each other, and get stronger week by week.

In this group, you’re never alone. We’re here to offer kindness and help when you need it. Together, we’ll grow stronger in our faith and find the kind of freedom that lasts.

Are you ready to start fresh and feel better? Tell us, and we’ll make sure there’s a spot just for you.


Whether you’re looking for the consistent structure of our 90-Day Online Recovery Program or the flexibility of our Virtual Small Groups, ‘Ready Now Recovery’ is preparing to bring support and strength to your screen. These online options are designed with your journey in mind, providing you with tools and community connection without having to leave your home. Your path to recovery can start from wherever you are, at a pace that fits your life. Show your interest now, and we’ll make sure you’re updated as soon as we launch.


Want to help out? We need volunteers who care and want to make a real difference. Put your name on our waiting list, and we’ll get in touch about how you can help. ‘Ready Now Recovery’ is more than getting past addiction. It’s about creating a life full of hope and new beginnings. Sign up and be ready to help others find their way forward with us.
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