Three Ways You Can Help a Recovering Addict

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Three Ways You Can Help a Recovering Addict 

Addicts, even recovering addicts, have harder demons to face than most people do. Recovery can be a lifelong battle for some, and it’s one that many people fight (and many lose) alone.

Having a recovering addict in the family can be one of the most trying experiences this life has to offer, but those with the right tools can help their loved one overcome any seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Here are three things you can do to help save the life of a loved one afflicted by drug addiction:

1.  Be Attentive

Learn to recognize the signs of someone in recovery falling back into addiction. Be aware of the changes in behavior and mood that you might recognize from their past as an addict. Be mindful of any major changes or setbacks in their lives, such as the loss of a job or the end of a relationship. Even the stress of a positive change, such as moving into a new home, can set someone on the course to relapse. The most shocking drug-related deaths are ones of people who were “doing so well” in recovery that no one noticed that maybe they weren’t doing so well after all.

2.  Be Supportive

Not judgmental. This will at times feel impossible. It can be exhausting to watch someone you love make the same life-destroying decisions over and over. Remind yourself that you are lucky you are not in their position and may never have to face down demons like they do. Their battle is against their addiction; your job is to continue to provide the love and the understanding they need to win.

3.  Be There

Many recovering addicts return to drugs when they feel they’ve run out of options. Don’t allow them to reach this point. Call and check in whenever you can. Make yourself available whenever they need. Invite them along with you to positive, fulfilling activities like church, day trips, and mountain hikes.

With your love and support, your loved one can walk steadily on the path to recovery toward a brighter future.

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